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Family dynamics

26th Oct 2019

‘Sad and devastating’ Louise Redknapp doesn’t know why her marriage failed

Jade Hayden

“It’s something that takes a long time to get over.”

Louise Redknapp has said that she wishes she knew why her marriage to ex husband Jamie failed.

The singer and mother-of-two split from Jamie in 2017 after 19 years of marriage.

They have two children together, 15-year-old Charles and 10-year-old Beau.

“I wish I knew [why],” she told This Morning.

“It was a really sad time, it was really sad and devastating for the whole family and when there are children involved, it’s something that takes a long time to get over.”

louise redknapp

Louise, who is soon releasing her first album in almost 20 years, has said that a lot of pain and struggle she felt during the split is present in her latest work, Heavy Love. 

“I never went into making the album with it being about that because you don’t,” she said.

“But naturally when you’re writing and you’re in the studio and it’s your safe haven you naturally pour your heart out, that is your safe place.

“So I would say there are definitely songs on the album, never bashing, it’s not about being over personal, it’s how I felt, just as a woman, as a mum, as a wife.”

louise redknapp

Louise’s new album is due for release in early 2020.

She originally found fame alongside RnB girl group, Eternal, before leaving in the mid-90s to pursue her own solo career.

Louise released three successful solo albums, before packing up her recording career in 2004.

“I think it was just life, life got in the way. I got married, I had a family,” she said.

“Then as time goes on the industry changes so much and you think is anyone going to be interested? You need something to happen for there to be a reason and I suppose it wasn’t meant to be 18 years, it just happened that way.”