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Family dynamics

10th Nov 2017

If you have a sister, the Boots Xmas ad will make you very emotional

It got to us more than the John Lewis ad...

Olivia Hayes

This got to us.

And we’ll admit, it made us more emotional than the John Lewis ad (sorry, not sorry).

The new Boots Christmas ad for 2017 will hit you right in the feels – especially if you have a sister.

The ad centres around the siblings, and sees them together in different stages of their lives.

From running around as little kids, to wedding days and everything in between… we had to brace ourselves to not shed a tear.

It’s all about the pharmacy’s #ShowThemYouKnowThem campaign, reiterating that “it’s about old memories and the new ones you’re yet to make.”

You can take a look at the ad here: