Fiver Parties might just be every parents' dream birthday party trend 1 year ago

Fiver Parties might just be every parents' dream birthday party trend

If you have kids of school-going age, you will know exactly what I mean when I say it feels like it is always someone's party.


Which, you know, is not only a little stressful as I am forever finding myself running around looking for cards and presents and wrapping paper, but can also be pretty darn expensive, from a financial point of view.

As I am sure most of you will agree.

Which is why I am loving the idea of this trend that I recently came across that have started doing the rounds now.

Fiver Parties

Say hello to 'Fiver parties.'

What is it? Well, pretty much what it says on the tin, guys.


In short, a fiver party is an end to all of our kid present-buying woes! It is simply a birthday party where all the little guests bring a €5 note – end of.

Meaning, there is no gift. No stress and no expense.

Sounds amazing? I know.

Thinking about making your child's next party a 'fiver party'? Here are some reasons why this trend just makes sense:

  • It’s easy on parents. No more needing to dash to the shops to buy a present and then wondering if the birthday girl already has a rainbow My Little Pony or too much Duplo.
  • It’s budget-friendly. If your child gets invited to lots of parties and you spend say €20 each time on a gift, it adds up, especially when little ones start school and the ENTIRE class is invited to the parties.
  • It removes the expectation of ‘stuff’ from birthdays. It teaches kids that parties are about friends and having fun, not piles of presents. It also teaches them the value of saving for something that they really want.
  • It’s environmentally friendly. How many toys end up in landfills after being loved for a period of time and then ignored?
  • It cuts down on toy clutter. Fewer toys mean fewer things to have to toss, give away or donate to charity when the time comes.
  • The child gets one big and exciting present that they’ve been dreaming about. Not lots of little cheap ones that break and have bits that get lost.

What do YOU think, mama? Do you like the idea of a 'fiver party' or not?