Government planning to extend Child Benefit to over 18s in school 1 week ago

Government planning to extend Child Benefit to over 18s in school

The Government is considering an extension on the Child Benefit payment.

Child Benefit could reportedly be extended to children aged over 18 in secondary school.

Parents with children over 18 in secondary school may be offered additional support as they continue their education.

Social Protection Minister Heather Humphreys said they're looking at ways to support more families with children in full-time education.

At the moment, parents can receive Child Benefit until their child turns 18.

According to The Independent, she said: "In last year’s Budget, we looked at supporting families in every way that we could, but particularly with the double Child Benefit [payment] last year, that was very well received.

"Another issue that we see with the Child Benefit is it ceases currently when the child reaches the age of 18. So they’re in full-time secondary education.

Humphreys continued, "I do want to look in this Budget at how we can extend the Child Benefit so it would continue on, while they’re still in education."


She said this is something parents and guardians have been calling for for quite some time.

"This is something that’s been raised with me," she added.

It would reportedly cost €65m a year to extend the payment, but Minister Humphreys says it would support thousands of families if extended.

Parents receive €140 per child per month if they're eligible for Child Benefit payments.

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