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22nd Dec 2015

How birth order can impact on your child’s personality


Ever wondered if the order in which your kids arrive affects who they are as people? Well, many believe that it does.

In fact, there are a lot of personality traits linked to the place in which your kids, and you, come in relation to siblings.

Sometimes they are true, sometimes they are wrong. Either way, they make for interesting reading…

First child

This child will be a natural leader and will be quite serious. They tend to be ambitious and organised as well as responsible and reliable. A first child can also be unforgiving, critical and bossy. Not entirely surprising considering that they are by themselves before another pair of tiny feet comes along.


Middle child

The second to arrive is usually sociable and inventive (a free spirit if you will). They are seen as more diplomatic and fair, stemming from the fact that they have to deal with an older sibling. Other personality traits that the middle child is often associated with include indecisiveness and a desire for privacy.


Youngest child

Aww, the baby of the family. This one is said to be charming, affectionate and sentimental (big softies). As the youngest, they are prone to pushing the boundaries and taking risks. They can often be self-centred and absent-minded – two traits that can alienate their older brothers and sisters.


Of course, these personality traits and tendencies are not set in stone and there are a number of factors that can impact on the accuracy of these models including gender, genetics and temperament.