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01st May 2016

Mum’s Invention Enables “Hands-Free Parenting”


A mum has invented another product which enables “hands-free parenting.”

Chloe Roberts, a mother-of-two from Cardiff, came up with the idea for LapBaby shortly after welcoming her first child in 2013.

Her creation is designed to keep baby secure whilst seated on the lap, enabling parents to get on with daily tasks and be close to their little one.


In other words, it allows parents the use of both their hands without sacrificing closeness with their baby. It can also come in handy for during mealtimes, whilst socialising, and when travelling.

LapBaby (costing £24.99) is aimed at babies aged three months and over. It also features a lap protector and an adjustable waistband.

There are other inventions which make parenthood easier including clip-on cribs and the embrace chair. (For more on those, click here.)

For more information on LapBaby, visit the website here and don’t forget to let us know what you think of this product in the Facebook comments!