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15th Jun 2015

How I Make it Work: Celeb stylist and Mum, Ingrid Hoey

Katie Mythen-Lynch

Ingrid Hoey is one of Ireland’s best known editorial, TV and personal stylists. She lives in Dublin with her husband and daughters Freya (7) and Milla, (2). Ingrid has worked with celebs including Sharon Corr, Caroline Downey and Kathryn Thomas. Follow her tweets @ingridhoey or visit her website Butterfly Style

Ingrid 1

I am the world’s worst at getting up in the morning. I leave it to the last nanosecond, then run around like a maniac trying to be on time. Every day. I never learn. If I have to be up early for a shoot or press day however I’m like a sergeant major.

My job is pretty unpredictable. Because I’m a freelance stylist I really don’t have a typical day or week, which I love. I could be working on a shoot, a TV programme or shopping with some personal clients in any given week. This can sometimes be hard to juggle with children as I don’t really know where I’ll be week to week. My mum is a tremendous support and she steps in to help out with my two girls. If it weren’t for her I don’t think I could do what I do. I have two daughters, aged 7 and 10, so there are lots of after school activities, play dates and parties to juggle but we always work it out in the end.

In your 30s you really gave to step up with your skincare. I started to visit what I can only describe as a genius for my skin; her name is Peggy Stringer and she owns Monkstown Laser Clinic. I go once a month for IPL, a chemical peel or whatever Peggy sees fit. I use Jan Marini broad spectrum SPF 30 every day in winter, and Neutrogena Age Shield Face SPF 110 in the summer. I cleanse and moisturise everyday and night, and I never sleep with my make-up on. Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow is great for perking up the skin and giving it a lovely dewy finish. Some days when I’m not working I just pop it on with my SPF.

My greatest indulgence is a Chanel necklace which I just love. I haven’t worn it all that much lately but I know I’ll still have it adorning my neck in twenty years time.

I make dinner in our house My hubbie has many talents but cooking is not one. I love cooking and sometimes wish I had more time to indulge in it. I often have visions of putting on lavish spreads for everyone, to a roomful of ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’.

If I’m not working we all sit down for dinner and catch up. Then it’s pretty much getting the girls up to bed, getting organised for the next day and maybe watching an episode with Neil of our latest obsession on Netflix.

We love heading up to the outdoor market in Marley Park and grabbing some lunch, then heading off for a walk around the park afterwards with our dog.

My favourite place to escape to at home is Ballymoney in Wexford. We have a place down there and it’s where we up sticks to for the summer. It’s really good for the soul and the girls just love it. Abroad would probably be Camps Bay in South Africa. It’s such a beautiful place and there’s so much to see and visit.

The last book I read was The Woman Who Stole my Life by Marian Keyes. I’m a sucker for a light hearted read, something I can dip in and out of and not have to reread the last chapter to remember what happened.

My Dad once said to me “You can be the busiest fool there is, if you work for free.” I’ve always thought that was very true.

My husband is great at organising how we are going to be in three places at once whilst I’m in a foetal position humming to myself in a state of distress. Somehow you just get everything done, everyone is trying to juggle a million things.