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10th Jun 2018

Long showers and pedicures: 9 things our pre-mum selves didn’t appreciate


Oh, the memories…

Our pre-mum lives can sometimes feel like a distant memory. Lie-ins, spontaneous nights out and a toy-free car are things that we can only dream about now.

Don’t get us wrong, we wouldn’t trade one dirty nappy or snotty nose for a night out on the tiles but sometimes it is just nice to reminisce.

Here are the 9 things our pre-mum selves didn’t appreciate.

Being able to pee in peace 

Without someone barging in with a very pressing question that simply can’t wait.

Enjoying a relaxing brunch

When you have little ones, brunch is a completely different affair. Gone are the laid back girlie Instagram-worthy brunches and in their place are rowdy family affairs with toy trucks, kids menu and serious multi-tasking.

Sunday lie-ins

What are they again? Our Sunday morning lie-in was once our favourite part of the week. But we have to say cuddles and cartoons are also pretty great too.

White furniture

Listen, it just ain’t worth it.

Long haul travel

Say goodbye to those exotic holidays and backpacking adventures. Now we are all about family package deals, glamping trips and kids clubs. But we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Candle-lit baths

Seriously, who has the time? Your bath times now consist of rubber ducks, squealing toddlers and lots and lots of splashing.

Pamper time

When you’re a mum you have to be seriously selective with your time which means any sort of pampering has to be planned in advance. Oh, you want to get your hair and your nails done? Tough luck you only have time for one so you better pick.

Netflix binges

Bingeing on your favourite shows (or even catching up on the soaps) can sometimes seem like an impossible task when you’ve got little ones at home. You have however seen the latest Paw Patrol episode at least four times.

Impulse buys

Fancy spending €300 on that amazing handbag that’s just caught your eye? Think again, mama. When you have kids to look after you simply can’t splurge like you used too, which might be a good thing.

But even after all that, we wouldn’t swap our little monkeys for the world.