'Loose Women' discuss whether or not kids should be allowed have duvet days 4 years ago

'Loose Women' discuss whether or not kids should be allowed have duvet days

The conversation certainly got heated.

Even if you don't suffer from a mental illness, everyone will have days where they aren't feeling themselves. Maybe you haven't slept well, maybe you're experiencing a stressful period in your life, or maybe a glum day just snuck up on you out of nowhere.

Whatever the case, these days are certainly not fun and even the simplest of tasks can seem completely overwhelming.

If adults experience these days, children certainly can too and the topic of whether they should be given a day off school when this occurs, arose on Loose Women recently.

A parent contacted the show to say that she had permitted her child to have a mental health day when they weren't quite feeling themselves. Although not physically sick, the child was very teary and distressed. Although the mum feared she was setting a precedent and her child would abuse this sanction, this did not occur. They went to school as normal and without complaint the next day.

This decision divided the panel. Ruth Holmes admitted to allowing her child have a mental health day and Saira Khan supported the mother too saying "people know their kids".


Janet Street-Porter staunchly disagreed with the notion of "duvet days" and labelled Saira a "snowflake mum" for supporting the idea.

Thankfully, Colleen Nolan was on hand to ease the tension and said that even as adults "we've all pulled a duvet day!"

Mums, what do you think? Would you allow your child take a mental health day if they weren't quite themselves?