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20th Oct 2017

This mother’s post to paediatric nurses will make you feel seriously emotional

Truly moving.

Denise Curtin

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“You save our babies and we couldn’t do this without you.”

One mother’s post to paediatric and tech nurses is after going viral for all the right reasons.

Shelby Skiles’s is mother to 2-year-old Sophie, a little toddler who was diagnosed with T-cell lymphoma in May. Since her diagnosis, Shelby has spent endless months, days and hours in the hospital alongside her daughter, watching her get the care and treatment she needs to make a full recovery.

In this time, one thing has seriously stuck out to the mother-of-one, and that is the level of care and support from the nurses. She recalls the undetected and admirable work they do day after day saying: “You try so hard to be unnoticed by me and my child. I see your face drop a little when she sees you and cries.”

The mother’s post will have your eyes filled with tears and your heart full of love when you see the level of detail this mother goes into, to praise the men and women who try their level best to save her child.

This post is well worth the read.

Hats off to you Shelby for acknowledging as you call the “Jesus to us every single day”. This is beautiful.