Mum shares scary video of her child's car seat going on fire 5 years ago

Mum shares scary video of her child's car seat going on fire

Close call!

A mother has shared a scary video of her child's car seat almost catching fire after the sun ricocheted off the mirror and onto the seat.

Luckily, she caught it before it caused damage to her baby, but admitted that she sometimes lingers in the car sending texts or emails while her baby asleep in the back, so it was a close call.

Sharing a video of the seat smoking, she said:

"This happened today. Britax seat and Eddie Bauer mirror. Thank God I was rushing home and didn't sit in my seat checking emails and responding to texts like I typically do while Mila is sleeping.

I've used car seats with mirrors with all my kids - never have I experienced this! Scary! (Britax has been notified)."

Speaking alongside the video, she said that the mirror on the back of the chair, that she uses to keep an eye on her baby, had reflected the sun's rays on to the seat and made it catch fire.


She also shared a follow-up picture of the damage done to the chair.

Lots of parents have pointed out that it is common sense not to leave the car in direct sunlight, especially when you have a large mirror in the back, but she responded saying, "just trying to make other informed this is a possibility. Never did it occur to me it would reflect and happen so quickly."