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11th Mar 2024

‘I’m so livid’ – Mum outraged over grandparent’s shocking error

Kat O'Connor

Were the grandparents in the wrong?

One mum has been left furious after her parents put her daughter in a car without a car seat.

In Ireland, children should travel in a car seat until they are 12 years old. Not using a car seat is illegal and dismissing the importance of them is extremely careless.

They are there to protect your child, but some people may fail to realise this.

One mum recently discovered that her child’s grandparents let her three-year-old in their car without a car seat and she was understandably furious.

She told Reddit: “I’m livid. My parents are not idiots. Are good people. Have always been there for me and my family and have never ever given me any reason to doubt them.

“We are incredibly close and they have watched my 3-year-old lots of times,” she stressed.

One night, her parents called to explain that they had been running late to collect her daughter from daycare.

“They asked if they could just forego getting the car seat from my house first to make it in time. I said “are you joking” Absolutely not!”

She later discovered they lied about getting the car seat and picked her up without it.

They claimed that it wasn’t that far of a drive, but many parents will know it doesn’t matter how far you travel, the risk is still there.

“I’m so livid and I honestly don’t know how to respond. I feel so betrayed,” she admitted.

The mum continued: “I truly never in my life would expect them to do this… I don’t know how to respond when I get home tonight.”

Many parents revealed they were in road accidents, but thankfully, their children weren’t harmed because they were in a car seat.

One mum shared: “I was just in a car accident 5 mins from my house 2 weeks ago. My 5-year-old was in her car seat behind me. I ended up with a fractured spine, the damage to my car was just inches from where her car seat was. She didn’t have a scratch on her, but that was because she was buckled in safely. My car was totalled.”

The mum’s story proves just how vital car seats are and they’re something we should never dismiss. The grandparents were certainly in the wrong in this scenario.