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20th Apr 2019

Mum slammed for planning to ‘steal’ Easter eggs from her three-year-old daughter

Keeley Ryan

She claimed it was ‘only fair’ the three-year-old shares.

A mum has come under fire after she admitted she was planning to eat some of her three-year-old daughter’s Easter eggs while she visits her father this weekend.

The woman wrote on Mumsnet that the seven Easter eggs her daughter had already received were “too much for such a small child.”

She said that as her daughter is likely to be given even more chocolatey treats this weekend – “another 6-8 eggs,” she estimated – and she has none, it was “only fair” she share.

She wrote:

“I don’t mind her having a bit of chocolate or a handful of haribo and I’m pleased so many people love her and want to treat her (she has 3 great grandparents and is the only great grandchild on both sides so gets spoilt by them without adding in that she has 5 grandparents and parents who’re separated so buy separately for her and her godparents buy for her as well) but I feel that 13-15 eggs is too much for such a small child.

“[Would I be unreasonable] to eat the larger chocolate eggs/chocolate and just leave the packs of sweets/chocolate that come from the inside of the eggs?

“I will be melting some down for cookies/cakes/ice cream sauce over the next week so she’ll get those too, so it’ll just be a bit.

“I’ve got no Easter Eggs so feel it’s only fair my [dear daughter] shares.”

Some of the other parents quickly began to criticise the woman’s plan, while others defended the mum.

“I would. It’s a ridiculous amount of chocolate for one child,” one person wrote.

Another joked that it was her “duty as a good parent to eat them for her sake.”

Not all of the people agreed, though.

Baffled by the suggestion, someone wrote:

“I wouldn’t eat my little boy’s Easter chocolates – they were brought for him from friends and family as gifts and are for him to enjoy, not me.

“If I wanted some I’d just buy my own.”

Another parent added:

“My eldest lasted him until Christmas last year . He’s have a little bit for ‘pudding’ in the evenings.”

Someone else commented:

“I wouldn’t. Or certainly not so soon after she has received them. I might eat a little bit here and there once she’d started the particular egg, or melt them into rice krispie cakes together but not scoff whole eggs as soon as she receives them.”