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03rd Jul 2015

Netflix – we LOVE you: This Summer our kids will be watching THIS

Sive O'Brien

School’s out. Summer is officially here. Eight weeks of freedom for them – 56 days of head-scratching for us.

It doesn’t matter how many picnics you have in the park, days at the beach, Summer Camps you line up or cool games you play from Pinterest, you’ll still wonder how the hell to entertain them every day?

So, Netflix has very kindly offered to babysit – virtually – by bringing us an all-new Netflix original series from DreamWorks Animation, creator of the blockbuster ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ films. Oh, yeah.

After a day of non-stop activity – treat them to an episode of ‘Hiccup’ and ‘Toothless’ on a mission to change the world.

They’ll be gripped, and you’ll GET STUFF DONE. Netflix: We salute (while trying not to spill our end-of-day glass of vino).

Here’s a sneaky peek of Dreamworks Dragons: Race To The Edge – Season 1.