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22nd Sep 2023

New support group launched for parents of bullied kids

Seeing your child being bullied is beyond heartbreaking.

It can make a parent or guardian feel helpless, frustrated, and just disappointed in the world.

Bullying is becoming more and more common, and even at times, impossible to escape because of social media. It’s incredibly tough for any child, but it’s also a harrowing experience for their loved ones too.

Luckily, mental health charity Turn2Me has launched a support group for parents of bullied children.

The charity launched the group after noticing an increase in parents and guardians seeking support.

Speaking about the importance of support groups, the CEO of Turn2Me, Fiona O’Malley said bullying can take many forms.

“It ranges from name-calling and exclusion to physical assault. Bullying is amplified when it’s online. It follows young people home.

Fiona explained that bullying is particularly prevalent in all-girls schools, even amongst friends.

“Teenagers are already going through so many hormonal and physical changes. Some parents can feel helpless when their child is going through this period,” she shared.

It can be both frustrating and heartbreaking for parents to see their child go through something like this so having a support group is essential.

Fiona hopes the group will give them the support and tools they need to cope during this difficult time.

“This support group will give parents the space to voice their concerns, it will allow them to meet with people going through similar difficulties, it’s totally anonymous, and most importantly, it will be facilitated by a mental health professional who can give them some helpful tools,” she added.

The Turn2Me support group for parents of children being bullied will start on Wednesday, September 27th at 7 pm.

It will run for three months, September, October, and November.

You can find more information here.