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24th Jul 2015

Photographer captures bride and besties breastfeeding before ceremony

Katie Mythen-Lynch

A bride and her three bridesmaids are making headlines after an impromptu photograph of all four women breastfeeding their babies before the ceremony went viral. 

As all mums are well aware, there are no days off after baby arrives, so Jamie Riddell and her closest friends Cheryl, Jami and Robin, who all gave birth within a year of each other, sat down for a quick feed between hair and make-up on the morning of her wedding. The group was thrilled when photographer Lindsay Palmer was able to capture the scene for them in a powerful black and white image.

Lindsay Palmer Photography

Doula-in-training Jamie, from Ontario, Canada, said the women had been ‘casually’ nursing when she spotted an opportunity for a wedding shot with a difference:

“I just felt such immense love for these beautiful women and their babies and so lucky that we could all be together on my wedding day,” she said.

“I am so grateful that such a beautiful photo can be shared with others to really highlight the beauty in nursing your child.”