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04th Mar 2015

Quads born in Dublin’s Rotunda Hospital

There were four in the bed and the little one said "roll over!"

Sophie White

Last night quadruplets were born in Dublin’s Rotunda Hospital to David and Anita from Kilclonfert, Co. Offaly. The four healthy baby boys are doing well, while, mum, Anita is recovering from the caesarian section delivery. Their proud aunt, Aisling was kind enough to send us a picture of their older brother, who is clearly thrilled to hear that he now has enough for a game of five-a-side.


Aisling told us, “Mother and babies are all doing great. Their 14 month old son was delighted to hear the news that he had become a big brother”.

Incredibly the babies were conceived naturally. The chances of naturally occurring quadruplets is an incredible 1 in 729,000 and only about 6 per cent of quadruplets born are conceived naturally.

There are some factors, you may not have know, that can increase the chances of conceiving multiple babies naturally.

1 As you age the chances of conceiving twins or more babies increases and rises to 4 per cent between the ages of 30 and 34 and increases to 5 per cent between 35 and 39.

2 Family history plays a big part in increasing your chances of conceiving multiples.

3 Women who have had four or more previous pregnancies are most likely to conceive twins.

4 Cultural background can also play a role, and no, we are not talking about Irish twins, people of African American descent are more likely to have twins while those of Hispanic or Asian descent are less likely.