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28th May 2022

Concern is growing over the quality of Irish teaching in schools

Laura Cunningham

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this

Concern is growing over “the quality of Irish teaching in schools”, according to recent chief inspector’s report published by the Department of Education.

The report says that the Irish language suffered disproportionately because of the impact of Covid on schooling, but that in general children are not being given enough opportunity to use the language outside of short lessons.

Marino Institute of Education offers a degree in teaching, through the medium of Irish and believes Irish should be weaved into the entire school day, not just Irish lessons: “They should be teaching subjects like PE, art, music or drams – the subjects that children enjoy – through Irish.”

What do you think? If your child or children are learning Irish at school, do you think they’re getting the training they need?

Teachers, we’d love to hear from you on this too. Is the report a fair summation of the standard of Irish teaching in Ireland?

Let us know in the comments.

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