5 tips and tricks to help new parents take those first few years by storm 3 years ago

5 tips and tricks to help new parents take those first few years by storm

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Being a new mum shouldn't mean giving up the rest of your life.

Everyone knows that those first few months with your baby are going to be amazing but they're also going to be tough. Babies cry, that's no secret. They also pee and poop a LOT and, most of all, they need plenty of time and attention.

Of course, the vast majority of the time, we're happy to give it - there's no time better spent than when you're looking into that little sweety's eyes. But you're also going to want to do your own thing. Cabin fever is very real, as is the danger of getting so wrapped up in baby stuff that you never see your friends.

The important thing is to make sure you've got all the necessary baby stuff down pat so that you have the time and the energy to go out, stay busy, and do the things you want to do (including go to work, of course, for all the working mums). Here are our favourite tips to help you stay sane and keep busy while still enjoying all that quality time with your little one.

1. Meal prep

It may sound like a basic one but it helps SO much and very few people actually do it. Set aside some time to prepare your meals for the next few days so that you don't have to think about them during the week. It saves oodles of time and really lightens that stress load.

This shouldn't be just down to you, of course - if your partner is the chef in the house, get them to help you, or ask your parents or whoever else is around. Just make sure those meals are there and ready for you when you need them.


2. Use easy-to-find items

Early motherhood is not the time for fashionable baby clothes and colour-coded items. Things can still look good while being easy to find. Make sure all of your essentials are quickly and easily recognisable. You don't want to accidentally be mixing up your baby lotion with your antiseptic when you're in a hurry.

Caldesene is way ahead of us with this - they've recently unveiled the new packaging for their nappy rash protection. They've gone for a warmer, more modern, and pretty bold design with vibrant pinks and teal - there's no chance you'll be mixing this up with anything.

3. Plan your week in advance

Don't take things day-by-day. That might sound like a carefree lifestyle but it's actually the perfect way to start a panic. Knowing what you're going to be doing in advance each day will set your mind at ease and make you better able to prepare for the day ahead. If your busy self has a million different things to do but you haven't organised when you're going to do them, it will feel overwhelming and you'll probably end up curling into a ball and getting none of it done.

Get yourself a diary, whether it's a personal planner or something to stick on the fridge, and jot down all your weekly plans. We think you'll be pleasantly surprised by how much it actually helps.


4. Grocery delivery

This is the only way to do the shopping as a new parent. You should not be spending any of your free time wandering around a supermarket. Get that shopping done quickly online and use your extra free time to finish other important tasks, meet up with friends, or kick back and relax with Baby.

5. Have an on-the-go bag ready

Some people call us over-the-top but this is a godsend if you're ever called out of the house on short notice. Getting a baby ready to leave takes long enough (and about a million more years if you have other kids or toddlers to add to that). You shouldn't also have to worry whether you've left something behind. We always get a bag ready to go so that we don't have to worry about that side of things at all - we can get our little one ready, grab those extra bits like a bottle or their favourite toy, and get going.

If you're doing this, we recommend picking up smaller sizes of all your essentials. That way, you can leave those in your bag at all times, ready to go. Plenty of brands have products available in loads of different sizes. Caldesene can be bought in 20g, 55, and 100g sizes, so your little one will have a smooth, rash-free bottom no matter where they go.

Who says having a baby means sacrificing the other parts of your life? With just a few simple changes here or there, you can go back to that busy lifestyle that you thrive on. Here's to easy parenthood, Mums!

Brought to you by Caldesene 

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