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21st Aug 2018

Supernanny Jo Frost says parents are now too “lazy” to potty train

Orlaith Condon

She says parents are becoming “lazy”.

Supernanny Jo Frost has said that she believes parents are becoming “lazy” as more and more teachers are having to teach children how to use a potty.

Jo took to Twitter this week to say that children aren’t hitting the milestones they should be nowadays and it’s all down to “enabling” parents.

“Toddlers still on pacifiers; teachers potter training five-year-olds; six-year-olds still in pushchairs; bottoms still being wiped at seven-years-old,” Jo wrote.

“Have parents become lazy, enabling, too helpful to please? What is your take on this all, would love to hear your thoughts please.”

Well, that’s exactly what Jo got as her comments sparked a debate on her profile with many sharing their thoughts.

“Lazy parenting! My almost-three-year-old tries to wipe his own bottom (I help occasionally) and is toilet training,” said one parent.

While another added:

“Wouldn’t dream of sending him to school not able to do either! He doesn’t use a pushchair and dresses himself.”

However, others criticised the TV star for “unfairly” blaming parents.

“There isn’t a one size fits all solution to many of the problems. Many families are working two/three jobs to make ends meet and don’t have the time.”