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27th Apr 2015

Survey reveals 10 things parents are most likely to argue over

What causes you to snap at your partner?

Sive O'Brien

It may come as no surprise to learn that arguments about how to discipline the children are one of the main causes of disagreements between parents.

A study commissioned by found that, on average, most parents argue around eight times a month when it comes to discussing how to bring up the children.

More than three quarters of parents admit to rowing with each other over the upbringing of their child, but almost all of the parents surveyed agreed that it’s just part of bringing up children. The results also showed that although 51 per cent of parents are willing to compromise, 38 per cent revealed that mum is most likely to have the last word.

Liz Fraser, family expert for, says, “Nobody said parenting was easy. But certainly, talking about the things you disagree on, and trying to reach some kind of workable, peace-keeping compromise, will really make things a lot easier.”

The most common things for parents to disagree on include:

  1. One parent saying yes to a child when the other had just said no
  2. One not following through on a threat of punishment
  3. One parent shouting or being too strict
  4. Whether to let a baby cry or self-soothe
  5. How much to spend on them for birthdays and at Christmas
  6. Immediately seeing to a crying baby
  7. Letting child sleep in parents’ bed
  8. How to reward children
  9. How to discipline their child
  10. Giving in to tantrums