These are the ONLY ten things you should say to a new parent 4 years ago

These are the ONLY ten things you should say to a new parent

As the first of my friends to have a baby, I am now in the difficult position of having to come up with reassuring words for my soon to be first-time mum friends.

Reassuring words do not come naturally to me; I'm a bit of an over-truther by nature and so am liable to scare the shite out of any expectant mother who's even remotely sensitive.

In the past, I've railed against the infernal clichés that new parents inevitably find themselves dogged by and identified the very worst things to say to a new mother, but I thought it might be time to compile a list of the absolute best things to say to new parents – if only for my own reference.

The Only 10 Things a New Parent Needs to Hear:

1. You're doing AMAZING

Even if you can't stop crying and you feel totally hopeless right now, you're doing amazing.

2. They do sleep (eventually)

They totally do! Then they don't again. Then they do. Then... well you get the picture.

3. Everything is a phase


Whatever you are fixated on right now, a week or a month from now you won't remember it.

4. Would you like me to take the baby while you sleep/eat/shower/go out/stare at a wall?

5. Everything is 100 per cent WORTH IT

Everything. 100. Per cent. Worth. It.

6. One day you will forget that you ever worried about colic/wind/teething/sleeping

There'll be new things to worry about...

7. Would you like a glass of wine?

Always, always, always ask this.

8. Did I mention that you're doing amazing?

Because you are. Amazing.

9. Could I interest you in a few hours alone while I take the baby for a walk?

10. Anything bad that's happening to you right now is down to sleep deprivation.*

And it's totally normal.

*If things feel overwhelming in an unmanageable way. Talk about it and tell the doctor.

What did I miss? What was the best thing you heard as a new parent? Tell us in the comments below.