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27th Mar 2015

Thinking of buying your child a pet? Don’t do anything until you read this

When it comes to choosing a pet, we'll be opting for low maintenance over cute any day

If you’re looking for a playmate for your child then no doubt it has crossed your mind to buy them a pet. However there is a lot to consider, I’ve narrowed it down to the pros and cons for each animal…


Pro – they’re so independent, they’ll ‘walk’ themselves, so no need to be taking them out every evening

Con – it might not set the best example for your child by staying out all night


Pro – buy your child a best friend for life (well 10-15 years anyway)

Con – do you really need another body in your bed?


Pro – it won’t break the bank to feed them, and they should be easy enough to replace if the worst comes to the worst

Con – limited entertainment value

Guinea Pig

Pro – by moving their ‘run’ around the garden it’ll save you having to mow the lawn

Con – if you have little chatterboxes at home then the constant ‘squeaking’ may not be ideal


Pro – it’ll take up limited space

Con – you do know that they’re most active at night – ring any bells?

Hens (and a Rooster)

Pro – eggs for breakfast every day

Con – cock-a-doodle-doooooo! Do you need another wake-up call?

Bunny Rabbit

Pro – cutest pet on the planet and you can enlist their help in hiding your Easter Eggs

Con – make sure they don’t think you finger is a carrot


Pro – a real life insey winsey spider that your child will love using to impress their friends

Con – they eat live crickets…


Pro – your child might grow up to become a championship jockey

Con – unlike ‘My Little Pony’ these tend to be on the large side


Pro – apparently they’re extremely intelligent creatures

Con – the real thing is far less cute and far less funny than Peppa Pig – snort!