This mum is FED UP with people commenting on her child's bare feet 4 years ago

This mum is FED UP with people commenting on her child's bare feet

This mum has had enough.

Ashley, a mum and the brains behind Puzzle of Five, took to Facebook a few days ago to share something that's been troubling her recently.

The popular writer explained that she is sick and tired of the judgemental looks she and her son get when the two-year-old isn't wearing any socks or shoes.

Ashely says:

"I’m aware his feet are bare. I’m aware it might be a little chilly out (or maybe it’s warm, I still get the same looks)".

She then explains her stance by saying that her son hates things touching his feet and so, she's become tired of searching for shoes and picking up socks.

Understandably, Ashley has become tired of her son flinging his shoe at her when they're at the supermarket and worse again is trying to find said shoes and socks when the little boy has thrown them somewhere during the shopping trip.


Now she just tries to get her shopping done, her and her son, with as little fuss as possible and as she says, her patience is "low for silly things".

Ashley makes sure to thank parents for their concern but she's just fine and if the judgemental comments would stop, she could just get on with what she came to the shop to do.

"His feet are bare, but he is fine. He’s happy and I have some of my sanity in tact. So excuse me while I go grab the laundry soap I came here for and 738291 other things I don’t need".

Not all parents will agree with her way of thinking but you can see her point and of course, every child is different. Many of the comments left on her post acknowledged that her decision has nothing to do with other people and that judgemental behaviour isn't of help to anyone.