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14th Oct 2023

Top tips every first-time parent should know about nappies

Jody Coffey

When you consider how many nappies will need to be changed, this advice is gold.

Becoming a first-time parent is new territory and one that comes with an overload of new information.

From sleep to feeding, and everything in between, sometimes it would be nice if someone cut through all the noise and said: “This is what you should know about X, Y, and Z.”

One social media user has done just that when it comes to nappies, and the hack has opened the floor for other parents to narrow down the dos and don’t’s of a nappy change.

Anna Usher took to TikTok in the hopes of helping first-time parents with this one aspect that will be part of their daily lives going forward.

I feel like some of these are silly and obvious but I hope they are helpful to someone,” she wrote, likely completely unaware that over 820,000 users would like the video, close to 140,000 would save the video for later, and almost 24,000 would forward it to someone.

Giving a demonstration of a nappy change, Anna touches on some important things to keep in mind.

“If you’re changing diapers, these [the straps] land in the strike zone,” she says pointing to the area of the nappy where it is fastened.

“If they don’t land in the strike zone, then the diaper is too small or too big.”

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She then moves on to the main body of the nappy and explains that a blue line appears, the nappy is full or wet.

Anna proceeds to discuss nappy ‘blowouts’ (exactly what it sounds like) and the trick to avoid them.

“You need to fluff out the sides. So grab this inner bungee cord and flop that out and then fluff the sides out to prevent blowouts,” she advises.

When changing a dirty nappy, the mum then shares that she pops a wet wipe underneath where her baby’s belly button is to ‘help him go pee’ before she changes him.

She says this helps him to ‘get one more last pee out’ before removing the nappy and putting a new one on him.