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06th Jan 2020

‘It works both ways’ Mum blogger claps back after her messy car is trolled online

Melissa Carton

Let’s face it, none of us are perfect.

I’ve written many articles declaring how much of a hot mess that I am at times. I would no way shape or form try to convince anyone that I’ve got it together. I don’t.

Still, sometimes I fall into the same traps as everyone else of trying to project a certain image of myself as a parent. Only recently I didn’t post a really nice photo of myself and my son cooking because you could see dishes in the sink.

It’s ridiculous, all of us have dishes to wash, especially just after cooking but still I didn’t post it. To be honest I didn’t want the judgement that comes with not being a perfect parent.

One other mum was not so reluctant to let it all hang out and unsurprisingly, she was called out for it.

Laura Mazza posted a photo of the back seat of her car in complete chaos, thanks to her children.

The honest mum posted the photo on Facebook along with the caption;

“To all my mammas with the trashed cars, full of crumbs, toys, spilled yoghurt and broken dreams…oh and a moth, I salute you.

To all the soon to be mamas or future mamas who say they won’t let their kids eat in their car when they’re a parent, I was once you – good luck with that!”

After the comments started rolling in she also added ‘perfect parents need not comment, your colleagues are already here’ which had me in stitches.

Many other mums jumped in to brag about how they would never let their car get into such a state;

“My car has never and will never look like this! I empty rubbish out when we get back from being out and it’s vacuumed and wiped out at least monthly!”

“I would have been out at midnight if I’d had to to clean that. Its not a criticism, but it would have got done!”

“No way that pic is the stuff of my nightmares. I have a 6 and 3 year old and yep they’ve never eaten in my car.”

Your Blue Peter badges are on the way ladies. There were many other mums agreeing with Laura that trying to keep their cars spotless 24/7 was just not a high priority.

“I love this!!!!! As a mum of Seven every other weekend as my fiancé and I have seven together, my car literally looks like I live in it. If it wasn’t dark I would take a pic. Lol. Thank you Laura. You truly are a WOMAN!!! Here’s to the women with shitty arse dirty cars!”

Laura also had the final say, leaving a comment on the post responding to those who had criticised her car.

“Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but you will get an opinion back, and when you do, you can’t pull out the “it’s just my opinion card” – ‘cause it works both ways, and best believe you’ll be called out if your opinion is judgemental and shit”.


I don’t know if I’d exactly be celebrating how messy my car or house gets but I do think that that mammy shaming needs to stop.

Kids are prone to making things untidy so don’t feel like you need to look perfect all the time. Controversial but perhaps it’s time to be straight up about the fact that it’s just not easy sometimes. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section, mums.