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18th Feb 2018

The most popular boy baby names in the world’s major cities

Anna O'Rourke

It’s easy to associate names with certain places.

Now baby-naming site Nameberry has revealed the biggest baby names in some of the major cities across the English-speaking world.

The study saw the website’s team analyse page views for names on their site by users in seven different cities; London, New York, Sydney, Toronto, Chicago, Los Angeles and Dallas.

While we tend to know of the top baby names by country thanks to censuses, this research is a first in that it offers insight into specific areas within countries.

The most popular boy baby names in the world's major cities

Below are the most popular boys’ names for parents in these cities, according to sit statistics.

Some names, like Theodore and Atticus, pop up time and again in the lists for different cities, suggesting that city-dwellers share tastes.

Interestingly, Oscar appears in Los Angeles’ top five, possibly reflecting the city’s involvement in the film industry.

The names might be a little out there compared to typical ones we use here in Ireland but might just provide you with some inspiration.


1. Atticus
2. Arthur
3. Rafferty
4. Theodore
5. Otis


New York
1. Holden
2. Julian
3. Matthew
4. Maximilian
5. Theodore


1. Theodore
2. Jack
3. Sebastian
4. Xavier
5. Atticus


1. Cary
2. Ellison
3. Ethan
4. Vincent
5. Willian


1. Greyson
2. Finn
3. Liam
4. Declan
5. Elijah


Los Angeles 
1. Oliver
2. Milo
3. Atticus
4. Jasper
5. Oscar


Dallas boys
1. Atticus
2. Jasper
3. Maximus
4. Wyatt
5. Asher