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18th Feb 2019

S Club 7’s Hannah Spearritt has just shared her new daughter’s name, and it’s VERY unique

Rebecca O'Keeffe


The lovely Hannah Spearritt has introduced her new baby girl to the world, and has also revealed her very unique name.

The former S Club 7 star welcomed her first child with her fiancé Adam Thomas in December 2018.

And now, the couple have finally revealed their beautiful new daughter to the world.

Hannah and Adam also revealed their unusual choice of name for their sweet baby.

Speaking to OK! magazine, Hannah said that the couple named their baby Téa Thomas-Spearritt.

“Her name is a bit of a mouthful. We tried to see if we could combine our names and we came up with ‘Spearas’, but it didn’t sound right!”

“To find a name that you’re both passionate about is hard,” she explained.

Adam, who is a regular on Eastenders, is so in love with his daughter.

He said: “Sometimes I can’t help but just look at her.”

And while the two are madly in love with their gorgeous baby, Hannah admits it can be hard being a new parent.

She said: “The moment I see his batteries run out, I take over.”

“We have to sleep in different rooms, not every night but most nights, so at least one of us gets a full night’s sleep.”

The former popstar admitted that she wants more kids, and hopes they’ll be close in age.

However, she did jokingly say: “I’m no spring chicken anymore.”