Midwife writes honest post about what it's like being a midwife during pandemic 1 month ago

Midwife writes honest post about what it's like being a midwife during pandemic

"There's no logic to the policy."

Since Covid restrictions began in March there has been much discussion regarding visitors to maternity hospitals.

In particular, whether or not birthing partners are allowed at hospital appointments and during the labour itself.

Some hospitals have allowed birthing partners while others have not and now with plans to introduce virtual appointments for partners, many expectant mothers have voiced their outrage.

They are not alone in feeling that the regulations placed on some maternity hospitals are too much as one midwife recently shared her thoughts.

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Posting through Facebook page In Our Shoes the midwife wrote;

"I'm a midwife who worked in an Irish hospital during Covid.

When I worked on labour ward women would come in in labour and unless they were ready to deliver we sent their support home or to the carpark.

It was ridiculous.

We all knew this.

If he was covid positive, she was too and vice versa.

There's no logic to the policy.

And how having him in the room for just the last stage made it any safer is just baffling! I've attended a few births where we sent the partner off and she progressed so quickly that he couldn't make it back on time. It was heartbreaking.

To see them meet up afterwards knowing that they just had a few moments together before they were transferred to the ward where partners aren't allowed is dreadful."

She continued on describing how that wasn't where the heartbreak ended;

"And then working on the postnatal ward and seeing them say goodbye to their partners and support at the door. It's truly heartwrenching. There's nothing more horrible than watching that goodbye and knowing you and your understaffed colleagues are all they have for the next few days.

And as much as you want to shower them with love and affection, it's a night shift and there's only 2 of you on and one of you has been called to labour ward and you're on your own trying to care for 18+ mothers and babies. It's heartbreaking. You wish they could have their partner there to make up for your shortcomings, but they can't.

Most postnatal midwives will tell you visitors are a pain and I agree. New mothers don't need to be entertaining guests. Breastfeeding rates have increased so much since covid.

But they DO need their partners. Both the mothers and their babies. They need that support that we don't have the time or resources to give them."

As things stand, expectant parents are confused as to why restrictions are easing on almost everything else but not maternity hospitals.

With Covid numbers high this month it seems unlikely that there will be anymore easing of restrictions, leaving expectant parents at even more of a loss.