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05th Jul 2023

Mum to be has baby’s wardrobe full with 200 outfits at only 15 weeks pregnant

Ellen Fitzpatrick

A soon to be mum has started her baby preparations earlier than you’d expect after revealing she and her husband have bought 200 outfits for her child at only 15 weeks pregnant.

Welcoming a child is one of the most exciting times, but for most parents, they typically wait until the final few weeks before gathering everything needed for their newborn.

But for this mum, there is no time like the present as she has decided to go on a massive shopping spree months before her baby is due.

TikTok couple Taylor and Sophia have shared that while Sophia is only 15 weeks pregnant, Taylor packed her baby’s wardrobe full of hundreds of outfits that Sophia had bought.

@taylorrandsoph Almost 200 outifts already? #taylorandsoph #pregnant #pregnancy #nursery #girldad #babyclothes #husbandreacts ♬ original sound – TAYLOR & SOPHIA

Taylor was unaware of how many outfits had been bought for his daughter until that moment and from the look of his face in the video, and him uttering “oh god”, he wasn’t too pleased.

Asking his wife “what do we need” so many outfits for, Sophia insisted that they’d be useful and has an outfit no matter what the occasion, weather or season it is.

The video has now gone viral and people are baffled by the sheer amount of outfits the couple has.

One person joked that the couple’s daughter had “more clothes than me and she’s not even born yet”.

Another said that it was “so cute” to see that many baby clothes, while another urged the parents to not wash the clothes until they were used and to keep the tags on them in case they want to return them.

Other parents pointed out that babies grow very fast, and they won’t get the chance to use all of the clothes they bought, but others said they could due to the mess babies make in their clothes and the endless changes.