This company is launching 'indestructible' jeans and we're definitely intrigued 5 years ago

This company is launching 'indestructible' jeans and we're definitely intrigued

We all know that, at the best of times, finding a great pair of jeans can be tough.

But it's so, so worth it when you've got your hands on a pair that fit perfectly - even though you know that deep down, those super-soft, dreamy jeans will end up tearing from years of wear-and-tear.

Which is why we were definitely intrigued when we heard about a new Kickstarter campaign, here to answer all of our fashion prayers.

Half Century Jeans has unveiled their plans to create "indestructible" jeans, which promise to last - as the name implies - 50 years.

Yes, you read that right.

And if they don't last that long for whatever reason, the company says that the repair is free.

It gets even better, though: these jeans won't break the bank, once they are released.

According to their Kickstarter page, the jeans will cost £69 (€78) a pair - and you won't be compromising on comfort in the slightest.


Half Century Jeans are described as being “as comfortable as your favourite pair of jeans" - but with a few small differences, naturally.

Instead of using the cotton blends normally used to make jeans, this company is using a hybrid of materials, including Japanese selvedge denim, sourced from Okayama, and Spectra fibres.

The fibres, according to their manufacturers, are one of the strongest and lightest fibres available - and 15 times stronger than cable steel.

This means that there's no rips, frays or tears, since the jeans are also made from Selvedge denim.

Selvedge denim is created through continuous cross-threading, which ultimately ends up with strips of fabric with "tightly woven bands".

With these miracle jeans, Half Century Jeans are trying to change the "fast fashion" mentality and fight the excessive pollution linked to the fashion industry.

The Kickstarter page explains:

"The fashion industry is the world’s second most polluting. 25% of the world’s chemicals are used for textile production and 10% of the world’s carbon emissions result from the apparel industry.

"As a result more toxic chemicals are released into our air, water and soil, and greenhouse gases are created that deplete our water and fossil fuel energy resources.

"As consumers, we need to buy less and buy better, and to stop subscribing to the 'fast fashion' mentality that has become so prevalent.

"Half Century Jeans are deeply personal. Unlike mass produced jeans that come with faux fading or holes, they are built to last your whole life and to look better with every day of further use.

"Half Century Jeans are uniquely yours and were designed to demonstrate that no fabric looks better with age than denim."