DIY: 5 advent calendars your kids will love waking up to come December 6 months ago

DIY: 5 advent calendars your kids will love waking up to come December

Not long to go now.

As a mum, I think I am nearly as excited as the kids every December morning, and love hearing the pitter-patter of their little feet as they run into the living room before the crack of dawn every morning to open their calendars.

Growing up, my mum would always make my sister and me advent calendars. 24 little individual presents would be waiting for us on our calendars (which she did in a different way every year) when we got up on December 1st. And I can still, to this day, remember how exciting it was to tip-toe into the living room every morning to open a little present each before having to get dressed and ready for school.

And I know it may sound like a lot to wrap (and, indeed, buy!) a present for every day of December, but for starters, I think it was a way around having us eat chocolate for breakfast for a full month. And two; the little presents tended to be a mix between things we needed (a pair of cozy socks, a hairband etc.) and things that were more fun (a cinema ticket, a note about how today was the day we were going to make our gingerbread house etc.)

I think my mum loved making these calendars almost as much as we loved opening them, and hence, continued to make them until we were in our late 20s and actually became mums ourselves. (Note: She still makes us stockings every Christmas, and now has resorted to picking up things for my kids' calendars to "help me out" filling all the 24 days).

I have yet to decide how this year's calendars will look (I have a couple more weeks to decide – and I already have all the bits to go into it), and if you too fancy giving a DIY calendar a go this year, here are five easy enough ideas to inspire you:

1. Use a pretty box

This idea could not be simpler, yet it looks really pretty. And your kids will no doubt love having to root around for the present with the right date on it every morning.

Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 12.54.57


(Image via Synne K/Instagram)

2. On the windowsill

Get little boxes in your local crafts shop (or run to your nearest Søstrene Grene store!), write dates on them and display them in a neat stack in the window. How pretty does this look?!

Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 12.58.57

(Image via Attvaranagonsfru/ Instagram)

3. Pretty parcels

Look how pretty brown paper bags can be made when done right? And the beauty is that you can fill these with whatever you like, it be a hair-bow, a plastic dinosaur or a note telling your kids that today is the day you are going to go pick out your tree.

Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 13.02.26


(Image via Howimetmyoutfit/Instagram)

4. Special notes

December is a month full of materialist things, which can be a little overwhelming – and also expensive. One lovely idea for an advent calendar, I think, is to write a note for your child to open every morning in December. These can be whatever you want them to be, of course. Just a reminder how much you love them. A promise of something you shall do together that day, be it bake something, a trip to the local ice rink or even just a Christmas movie you can watch together later.

Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 13.16.26

(Image via

5. Bring in some branches

I love using bits from nature (pinecones, branches) when decorating for Christmas, and so I love the idea of displaying their advent calendar presents like this. Twirl some fairy lights around the branches too, and you are all set.


(Image via


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