Penneys has just come out with ANOTHER rainbow dress for €18 7 months ago

Penneys has just come out with ANOTHER rainbow dress for €18

It's just as pretty.

If you've left your house or just refreshed your Instagram at any stage in the last month, you'll know that everyone and their dog went to Penneys and bought the exact same rainbow-striped wrap dress.

Now, it is a lovely (and super photogenic) dress and just the kind of purchase that'd take you anywhere from shopping to drinks to the beach so we can understand why it's been so popular.

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Maybe Penneys is trying to capitalise on that dress's success or maybe they accidentally ordered a load of stripy material for this season but either way, it has just released another rainbow-style dress.

This little number, as seen on blogger Alisha Taneja, is slightly more casual than the last one.

It's a maxi dress cold-shoulder silhouette on top, though it could be worn totally Bardot style if you were to tuck the straps away.

The ruffled top would be super flattering while we think this pattern is a bit more subtle than the one everyone's just gone mad for.

It's €18 and in stores now.