Sostrene Grene's new collection is the clean, fresh and natural look we are craving for 2021 3 weeks ago

Sostrene Grene's new collection is the clean, fresh and natural look we are craving for 2021

A fresh, new start.

I don't know about you, but I am always so eager to deck the halls with all the decor come late November every year,. I love going to pick out the Christmas tree once December rolls around , bring it home and decorate it. I hum Christmas songs for months before the festive season begins and funny and utterly embrace every Christmas cliche out there.

However,  I am also equally ready to pack away Christmas once New Year's Eve has come and gone, and we are officially into the new year. Come January 2nd (1st is still Christmas, as it is a day off, OK?) I am all about those fresh, clean, new beginnings January vibe, and will stop at nothing before I have every last bit of Christmas packed away.

And right now, I am swooning over the new collection at Sostrene Grene – as they have completely nailed the January/simplicity/back-to-basics mood I am all about come January.

According to Sostrene Grene, this collection is focusing on soulful moments, harmonious wellness and hygge in the home. Sounds good? It is – and just wait until you see it.

'The home sets the tone for the life we want to live' says the press release for the new collection. And having just spent more time at home during this past year than ever before, I think we have all come to realise just how important our homes are to us – on every level.

"Little moments of 'hygge' are to everyday life what sprinkles are to cakes – they make everything sweeter."

This natural touches, pared-back decor, bits for staying organised and items that just scream living a hygge-filled, intentional and cosy life. In other words, everything we want right now.


“Fill your mind with calm and thoughts of brighter days."

We love this whole look, and here are just some of the products we want to buy:

1. Laundry basket

Love the look of this, and wouldn't mind it in both my bathrooms.



2. Tea filter holder

Drinking proper tea always makes me feel that little bit special.


3. Towel

Give your bathroom a facelift with some fresh, new towels. I love the earthy colours of these ones.



4. Basket

I love adding natural touches like these basket to my table when I am setting it. And the price of these make them such good value.


5. Mirror

Gorgeous and simple, just the way I like it.



6. Scented candle – soft linen

Because we can never have enough candles.


8. Folding crates

Perfect for tidying up the pantry, home office or anywhere else.

From €2.84