Summer always taking a toll on your hair? This hair care product is about to solve that 8 months ago

Summer always taking a toll on your hair? This hair care product is about to solve that

Who doesn't love summer?

Seriously – it is, hands down, the best season there is. The long, bright evenings, the carefree days off, the sun, the seaside, faraway holidays, dips in the pool or swims in the sea – summer is the best.

However, while there are so many things to love about this season, there is no denying that summer can also take its toll on our hair, with many of us seeing the results of a combination of sun, sweat and chlorine over the summer weeks. And come September, our once glossy, swishy locks are a tangle of split ends and dry, dull strands that are begging for a chop and some TLC.

I am a big believer in that defence is your best form of attack, and hence like to out-smart summer by making sure I keep my hair as healthy as can be in the lead-up to the holidays. And having tested my way through a fair few hair care products over the past while, I will not be going anywhere hot right now without packing these three in my suitcase:

1. Kerastase Resistance Extentioniste Thermique

I have long, blonde-ish hair, which, you know, can be a bit of a nightmare in summer, when I have to always keep it shielded from the sun, tied up from the chlorine water in the pool and generally just try to make sure I am not left with a mess of split ends and dried out straw-like locks. I recently got to test this brilliant new leave-in protector by Kerastase, which technically is meant as a heat protector for long hair when you dry or style it with heat products, such as a blowdryer or GHDs.

However, it also works brilliantly as a leave-in treatment in general, and will protect your hair from the heat of the sun too. The problem with long hair is that it is more vulnerable to breakage and dry ends, and the stresses that affect hair health, from pollution to over-proseccing and mechanical damage increases as hair grows longer.

However, there are ways to combat this, and by using a product that prevents this and strengthens the hair from within you can make a huge difference to your hair.

The new Resistance Extentioniste Thermique from Kerastase contains creatine, an amino acid proven to increase strenght and reinforce hair fibre structure, and well as ceramides, which act as  a shield, keeping the hair cuticle smooth and holding moisture in, meaning you'll be left with stonger, smoother hair with use. I have used in in my hair, especially the lenghts and ends, for a few days, and have noticed a difference, with my hair feeling softer to the touch and less static after I wash it. I don't actually blow-dry my hair too often, but will absolutely be packing this serum in my holiday suitcase to keep my locks safe in the sun.


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2. Phyto Phytocolour Colour Protecting Mask

If you have colour or hightlights in your hair, you are no doubt familiar with just how fast these can fade in the sun – and the salt- or chlorine water is only making matters worse.

However, all is not lost – you can extend your colour and protect it with the right produts, and right now, I am obsessed with the hair products from Phyto – especially this colour-protecting mask, which smells so, so delicious and actually do what it says on the tin too.

This leave-in care protects color from external aggressors, and is enriched with Yacon extract, an authentic plant-based honey, which smoothes the fiber’s scales to activate shine and instantly boosts the radiance of color-treated and highlighted hair.

Even better? All the products from Phyto are sulfate free, paraben free, silicone free and vegan.

€12, Roches Pharmacy

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3. Loreal SerieExpert Gold Quinoa + Protein Absolute Repair Shampoo and Conditioner

You might have been scoffing quinoa the past couple of years after hearing all about how good it is for you, and now the experts at Loreal are also telling us to put in our hair – and when you see the results, you'll be doing as they tell you to do.

Designed for damamged hair (which, you know, is how many of us will describe our hair after a summer of swims and sunbathing), the new Gold Quinoa + Protein Absolute Repair range is enriched with Golden Quinoa Protein, which restores and repairs the hair, making it stronger and more resistant. I love how nourished and soft my hair felt after having used this combo for a few days, and will absolutely be packing it in my holiday suitcase when I head away to the sun, knowing I am giving my hair that extra bit of TLC it is screaming out for.

€30, (Shampoo 300ml + Mask 250ml),

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