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Baby's health

30th Sep 2023

Mum warns parents against hanging mobiles above baby’s cot

The mobile was wrapped tightly around her baby’s finger.

A mum has issued a warning after her baby girl’s hand got caught in her mobile. Her baby was falling asleep when the incident happened.

She opened up about the terrifying ordeal on Facebook in a bid to raise awareness. She explained to other mums that she got the biggest scare of her life when she found her daughter with the mobile wrapped around her finger.

“Last night I had the biggest scare of my life.

“Poppy usually has her mobile (she’s had it since she was a newborn) on to settle her down when she’s going down. For about half an hour after she went to sleep, I didn’t hear a peep out of her until I was in the shower and she started crying randomly, which is really unusual for Poppy.”

She continued, “When I went to check, my daughter had the string of the mobile wrapped around her finger.

“It was so tight I thought my child was going to lose a finger.”

The mum explained that the string was so tight that she could barely remove it.

“I cried my eyes out and massaged her finger as much as I could to get some circulation back in her finger and rang 111 for further guidance.”

The mum said she is so relieved she went into her daughter’s room.

“This is just a reminder and a warning for all mums to be extra vigilant when buying cot mobiles.”

She told parents to pick a mobile with a thicker string.

The mum threw it out after the incident.