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12th Oct 2022

Calls for breastfeeding lessons to be introduced in schools

Kat O'Connor

Only 31% of mums breastfeed their babies.

There have been calls to introduce breastfeeding lessons in Irish secondary schools.

The Green Party issued the motion this week.

Senator Pauline O’Reilly believes introducing these classes would help increase the rates in Ireland.

Senator O’Reilly has called on the Government to introduce free lessons about breastfeeding. The lessons would be part of the SPHE programme in secondary schools.

Ireland’s current breastfeeding rates are amongst the lowest in the world, but O’Reilly’s suggestion has been met with a wave of backlash.

Around 31% of mothers breastfeed three months after their child is born. However, this falls to 6% by the time a baby reaches six months old.

Senator O’Reilly stated;

“Access to information and support around breastfeeding has been a huge problem for new mothers in this country.


“We need to see the uniformity of access to appropriate support in every maternity and general hospital and Community Health Organisation.

She said everyone should have access to these supports regardless of geography or socio-economic status.

O’Reilly added that improving education for those in the medical industry, as well as in schools will help.

“This motion also proposes that education on breastfeeding be provided in secondary schools across the country.”

Do you agree with Senator O’Reilly?