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19th Aug 2018

The £7.99 gadget that will keep your toddler from straying or getting lost in a crowd

My little boy is a notorious wanderer.

Which meant that it was always bit nervewracking being out and about with him, especially in crowds and crowded places, or near busy roads.

However, what I wish I had known about when he was still a toddler is this little genius device – one I think every toddler parent should treat themselves to, tbh.

Say hello the Anti-Lost Wrist Link, a nifty little elastic wire bracelet that will secure your child to you (or to the handle of the buggy) when you are out and about.

I know a harness would kind of do the same job, but my little boy hated wearing one so much I never really forced it, yet this I think he would have been OK with – as I think it would feel less constraining and give him a bigger sense of “freedom” (without him actually having the freedom to run away from me or dive out into the road in front of oncoming traffic).

The Anti-Lost Wrist Link is elastic, and will stretch up to 59 inches to increase the activities of space, and the stainless steel wire inside makes the bracelets strong and firm enough for you to feel secure your tot won’t get away from you.

And the best bit? The bracelets are made from skin-friendly cotton, meaning they feel soft around your child’s wrist.

I don’t know about you, but I reckon £7.99 is a fair price to pay for some out-and-about peace of mind, no?