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14th Dec 2019

These amazing crayons are going to go down an absolute treat with young kids this Christmas

Kidly crayons

Confession: I am always slightly nervous when my kids colour.

Mostly, to be honest, my little boy. Because, well, never mind staying inside the lines, he has actually been known to doodle on both my coffee table, walls and even the floor. Sometimes with crayons, certain times with black markers…

Anyway, I am sure you can relate – kids can be super-destructive.

Which is why I think you are going to love these new super-special crayons as much as I do.

Say hello to Kitpas, the crayons with a difference, that are going to allow your kids to be all sorts of creative. The Japanese brand is known for its eco-conscious approach and making creative endeavours more fun for the whole family.

Kidly crayons

These water-soluble, eco-friendly and creative sticks are perfect for drawing on paper or card, but also work great on other surfaces such as windows – perhaps for some fun, stained-glass inspired art.

And if your kids want to try their hands at painting, simply dip the tips and they turn into watercolours, for more ‘painterly’ pictures. The large chunky form is great for little hands to grip onto and they don’t crumble easily; in fact, they are an ideal craft box or colouring kit addition.

Parents who have tried them at home are super-impressed if the reviews on Kidly’s website is anything to go by:

“I’m so impressed by how easily the marks wiped off my windows. They are the perfect pens for both kids to use and interact with. They’re a huge hit!”

Katie, mum to Sienna, 5

“You can let them draw on your patio doors with these cool crayons. Don’t worry, it cleans off with a simple wipe.”

Megan, buyer at Kidly