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07th Nov 2019

Meet the Baby Shark tent that parents are either going to love or hate

Melissa Carton

The viral hit kids' song Baby Shark is at the centre of a sexism row

Yep, even more Baby Shark.

If you’re a parent then you know all about the viral sensation that is Baby Shark.

To be fair it’s pretty unavoidable at this stage with toys, accessories and even a TV show to accompany the popular song.

My youngest is absolutely obsessed with Baby Shark and has already been eyeing up the plushie toy versions that you can get but I’m guessing once she spots this tent it’ll be added to her Santa list too.

Playhut Pinkfong Baby Shark Explore 4 Fun Pop-Up Play Tent is the latest in the wide variety of Baby Shark paraphernalia and I have to admit it actually looks pretty good.

I know if I bought this for my daughter she would actually get a lot of use out of it.

Like most parents I dread that moment on Christmas morning when your kid looks at the expensive toy you bought them for two seconds before throwing it to one side to play with the box.

Even better yet this tent isn’t even expensive coming in at €26 from Amazon.

Easy to assemble you just have to twist and pop for hours of fun.

The explore four fun separates into two distinct play structures – a larger tent section with multiple doors, plus a three foot crawl-through tunnel.

It’s could also work well as a shared gift for twins or siblings close in age and is the ideal present for toddlers.