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14th Feb 2020

Carrie Underwood’s son writes hilarious answer on his ‘about my mom’ sheet

Melissa Carton

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This is too funny.

There’s no one like you’re child to bring you crashing back down to earth with their brutal honestly.

I remember spending ages getting ready for a night out when my son was little. I had just bought a new faux fur pink coat and foolishly asking him how I looked in it to which he replied ‘you looked like a pink monkey’.

How I fit my inflated ego out the door I will never know.

It seems that not even celebrity mums are immune from their child’s remarks which singer Carrie Underwood recently found out the hard way.

Underwood recently posted a photo to Instagram showing an answer sheet that her son Isaiah filled in about his mom.

Most of the answers were quite nice like them spending time together watching TV and that if he could buy his mum any gift that he would buy her a cake.

Unfortunately, not all the answers were quite as flattering as Underwood pointed out when she shared the post with her followers;

“Soooo…apparently I’m 70 and I’m really good at doing the laundry.”

Yes Isaiah wrote that his gorgeous mum is 70 years old. You have to admit she looks fantastic for her age.

Thousands of Underwood’s friends and followers commented on the post including Country Living Magazine who wrote;

“Tomorrow’s headline: “How Carrie Underwood Makes 70 Look 30”

Hey I’d read it.

Another commenter pointed out how it is actually really sweet that he sees his mum as a mum and not a famous singer which is actually very cute;

 “I love that he thinks that’s your job….you’re his mom doing the laundry and not a famous singer. It means you’re definitely doing something right. That makes my heart smile.”

Still the 36-year-old might have to quash some rumours in the future about how she’s actually collecting her pension.