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15th Oct 2022

This post recommending chores by age is causing mixed reactions with parents

Melissa Carton

Do you think that this is too much?

A chores by age post has been making the rounds online and some parents are a little aghast at just what is expected of some small children.

While most would agree with the first couple of examples for children from ages two to six, it’s the last few examples for children age seven and up that a lot of parents have a grievance with.

Here’s the post causing the controversy, what do you think?

While I don’t think all of the seven to nine chores are that bad, my seven years old would help with most of these things, the next age bracket is a bit much.

I’m sorry but who tells a ten-year-old to take up a job to earn money and what company would even hire a ten-year-old? Also asking a small child to complete home repairs and use a lawn mower just sounds downright unsafe.

I’m not the only parent who thinks so either as many left comments on the post remarking on how shocked they were;

“The last two are just too much. Kids are exactly that, kids, leave them be to learn and play a little more, develop their own interests a little more before piling responsibilities on to them just to relieve them from yourself.”

While I think it’s important for children to help out around the house and learn skills that they will need later in life like cleaning and cooking, it would have made much more sense for the list to say age 13+ for tasks like lawn mowing as I can’t even imagine a ten-year-old having the strength to control a mower.

Do you think it’s too much or do you think the more hands-on kids are around the house the better?