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17th Sep 2018

Have a future tech whizz at home? This free event will teach your toddler to code

Is your child the next Mark Zuckerberg or Margaret Hamilton?

If so then this tech event will help them along by introducing your toddler to the world of coding this Thursday, September 20.

This specially designed event will show the beneficial interactions of pre-schoolers with tech and it takes place this Thursday in Talent Garden Innovation Centre in DCU.

During the event you and your child will be able to take part in:

  • Preschoolers can/will code! Where your child will learn how to programme a mini-robot to move.
  • Hear about how technology can be a positive way for parents/carers to support one-to-one interactions with their young child
  • Get advice on what apps are ‘APP-ropriate’ for a young child with tips and tricks on choosing a learning app for your child.

Ireland has become a huge European hub for tech companies with everyone from Google, Microsoft and IBM basing themselves across the country. Being tech savvy from an early age could see you child have a big advantage down the line.

Tech Play for little minds takes place this Thursday, September 20, between 9.15-11am and is organised and hosted by Talent Garden.

Located at Talent Garden Innovation Centre, DCU Alpha Campus, Glasnevin you can book a ticket on and it’s completely free!