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01st Jun 2020

Holiday at home: The outdoor toy that’ll keep your toddler occupied all summer long

Trine Jensen-Burke

Aqua Play

I don’t know about you, but I am always on the hunt for games and toys that will entertain my kids outdoors in the summertime.

And let’s face it – if you are going to get anything done in the garden yourself (or even just chill for a moment with an iced latte and a new magazine in hand), you need something that will capture their attention for more than just four seconds at a time.

And mums – we have found just that thing:

The Aquaplay Container Port is a large canal system that will keep your children occupied for hours. And never mind just the cool moveable crane arm with a rotary wheel to drive up and down the crane arm, this set also contains a container boat, amphid truck and two toy figures to play with.

Together with the figures, children can explore the canal systems, add cargo to the container boat and sail off towards their destination with it. Set the water into motion by paddling the water wheel and pass through the lock system.

Thet can also regulate the water level by using the pump and opening the lock gates.

And if you know how much toddlers love to mess and play with water, you’ll realize just how cool this creative and playful toy actually is.

So just order, mamas, and sit back and wait for hours and hours of me-time as your kiddos play. SO worth the investment, we think.