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12th Dec 2021

‘I hugged you goodbye’ – a really sweet way to end Elf on a Shelf with your child

Melissa Carton

So adorable.

If your child is obsessed with Elf on the Shelf you’ve probably spent the last few days stressed out of your mind thinking of different positions and scenarios you can place them in.

You’re probably living for Christmas Eve because that’s when all this elf madness ends but while it’s great for us parents it can be a sad time for our children who have come to love their elves.

If you’re wondering how you can ease the blow and let your little elf bow out in a way that will delight your child then this might just be the trick.

Aww, how sweet.

To end the season of Elf on a Shelf on a happy note place your child’s elf beside them in their bed or on their shoulder while they are sleeping.

Then take a picture of them together before putting the elf away until next year.

In the morning show your child the photo and tell them that their elf gave them a little hug goodbye before they left.

It’s a wonderful way to help ease the pain of your child parting with their elf while also starting Christmas morning off on a high note.