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09th May 2019

Mum tells parents why you should always keep a stock of different medicines

Melissa Carton

Do you know what medicine is in your press?

One mum recently took to social media to tell other parents why it’s so important to have different medicines stocked in your cupboard at all times.

The mummy blogger shared a recent experience she had when her daughter suddenly became ill and how it made her realise that sometimes you need more than just infant Neurofen.

Parenting blogger The Two Darlings shared a photo of her daughter along with this post;

“There is one valuable lesson I learned over the last few days, check your medicine cabinet and make sure you have a good selection of (still in date!) over the counter medication for kids. Sickness always seems to strike at night when all the pharmacies are closed ?

This little lady has been a trooper over the past few days, battling an ever increasing temperature which ended up with a quick trip to the hospital. Nothing serious, just a sore old urinary tract infection but we only had paralink over the weekend and it really didn’t do the job.

We tried neurofen orally but it was too severe on her tummy so it all came up. So I’ve come to realise that paralink and neurofen suppositories are the dream team, given alternatively as per the guidelines throughout the day. And especially with little girls be aware that what may seem like a virus could potenially be a UTI, the symptoms present quite similarly!”

It’s something that I had never thought about before but it is incredibly handy to have a variety of medicines to hand for different ailments.

Kids pick up all sorts, especially if they’re attending preschool or school so it’s good to always be prepared.