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26th Jun 2021

The ONE word that might make all the difference when communicating with your 2-year-old

Trine Jensen-Burke

disciplining toddlers

Two-year-olds are full-on.

It might, in child-rearing perspective, be the most full-on age there is – as in; they just don’t stop – ever. Two-year-olds literally come with two settings – ON or asleep.

And when they are on, boy are they ON.

Toddlers want to run and climb and jump and shout. They want to touch and taste and investigate everything around them, And let’s face it – t

However, when it comes to helping your toddler decode the world and stay safe – whiles still being able to do the things that two-year-olds do, there is one trick we should be keeping up our collective sleeves, apparently.