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10th Dec 2019

Positive parenting: 3 easy chores that your toddler can help out with

Trine Jensen-Burke


We all want to raise children that grow up to be good, capable, helpful, functioning adults.

The thing is, though, this doesn’t happen by itself.

Encouraging your child to help out, both by doing things for themselves and also by helping out at home, is crucial, and while it may feel like you are showing them love by waiting on them hand and foot, this is not the case – certainly not in the long run.

Assigning chores to a child may seem like something you need to hold off with for a while, the truth is even toddlers can learn how to help out and do chores – you just need to make sure to keep it at a level they will respond to and understand. Because we all have to start somewhere.

Wondering how to get started? Here are three easy tasks to get them started:

1. Put back toys

Let this be the rule: If you are big enough to go get your toys to play with, you are big enough to put them back too. This also goes for things like shoes and clothes and colouring things. Start small. Ask your toddler if this or that item belongs where he left them (shoes in the kitchen, Lego under the dining room table etc.). And then help him at first return it to where it belongs. You can even turn it into a game, as children respond a lot better to tasks when they are made slightly more fun.

2. Mopping up

Spills and messes are a good way of getting your toddler to help out, and you’ll actually soon discover that young children actually like helping out, you just need to be patient and let them do it their way – just let them try.

3. Unpack groceries

I often like to start this even earlier, at the supermarket, by asking my children to help me find what is on our shopping list. Then, back home, they can help take the groceries from the shopping bags and put it away where it goes.

Got any other ideas for chores toddlers can help out with? Let us know in the comments or tweet us at @herfamilydotie