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28th Apr 2019

WHO releases brand new guidelines stating “no screen time at ALL” for under-2s

no screen time

There is no getting away from the fact that technology plays a large part in all our lives, including our children, and because of this, the WHO this week released some new guidelines, strongly suggesting that there should be no screen time at all for under-2s, with infants and one-year-olds being completely kept away from screens and blue-light technology, and two-year-olds getting no more than an hour of screen time a day.

The no screen time for under-2s might sounds a little strict to many, but, in fact, is completely in line with

The main takeaway from the report, it seems, is that yes, screen time needs to be limited, especially for very young children, and also kept an eye on for older kids, but that parents should not spend too much time worrying if they had to put on some Paw Patrol or a Youtube slime video just so they were able to take a shower or drink their coffee while it’s still hot.