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29th Jul 2019

This video will have your child tying their own laces by the end of the day

Melissa Carton

Such a good trick!

My son is six years old and one of the things that he is currently trying to tackle is tying his own laces.

I’ve taught him my method and my husband has taught him his, but still, the struggle continues.

Recently this video popped up in my home feed and I think this may be the lacey solution that we’ve been looking for.

(click on full screen to view)

The video shared by Tamaran Lewis Scarborough, shows a little girl tying her laces like a pro using a new trick she’d picked up.

The original post read;

“We have tried many ways to teach her to tie her shoes and they didn’t work. We saw the video going around last week and this worked!!!! She now knows how to tie her own shoes in 5 minutes too.”

So pretty much the exact situation that I’m in with my son.

As adults, we often take for granted the little everyday skills we’ve learned, like tying our laces.

When we see children finding it hard to grasp the concept it can be easy to scoff and say ‘it’s easy’ but we had to learn too.

This video is so clever and I will definitely be showing it to my son when I get home so we can test out this trick ourselves.